Why Supplementing Your Dog’s Diet Can Be Harmful

Unlike humans’ diets, dogs’ diets should not be supplemented. Doing so can prevent the absorption of important nutrients, create an upset stomach, or cause skeletal problems. Here’s why it’s a bad idea to give your dog anything other than dog food:

Dogs Need a Perfectly Balanced Diet

Humans take vitamins because modern-day meals often don't include all we need to stay healthy. Dogs, on the other hand, have a perfectly balanced diet if they are eating high-quality premium dog food such as Eukanuba®. Some dog owners persist in order to: increase palatability, add variety, or because they enjoy cooking for their pet. Instead, experts recommend choosing a brand of dog food that is tasty and meets your dog’s nutritional requirements. If too much “table food” has caused your dog to refuse dog food, he needs to be weaned for the sake of his health. You can learn more by reading Give Your Dog Healthy Eating Habits

How Supplements Can Harm Dogs

Just as humans can experience harmful reactions to drugs, dogs can have adverse reactions to “people food.” For example, when a dog’s ratio of phosphorus to calcium is out of balance, his body will attempt to right that ratio by stealing calcium from his bones. In older dogs, supplementing a dog’s diet can result in tooth loss due to re-absorption of the bone from the lower jaw.

The bottom line is that dogs need a balanced diet every day, from puppyhood through their senior years. Eukanuba can fill that need to help them go the extra mile, every day.